I know this topic has been beaten to death, and I've read many threads
in the forums, but can someone clarify whether IDM 3.5.1 handles the
Password Expiration issue (syncing eDir and AD) without additional
configuration? I know there is a workaround policy that was needed in
earlier versions, but I thought 3.5.1 had a fix. My problem is that
when I create a new user in eDir, the AD account password is synced and
extended 90 days, even though the Novell account gets set to expirate
the password at present date and time. Also, same thing happens if I
change an existing user's password (as admin) - it does not force AD
user to change password at next logon. My GCV is set to sync both
directions, and Publish passwords to Distrib. password, and of course
I'm using UP. My admin PC has NMAS.

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