Hi everyone,

Here is the situation:
I have a csv file with some users, and in each line/user i have the UID
of his manager. So the filter of my Delimited Text Driver lets pass
through the manager attribute.
The goal is to make a query on my eDirectory to find the user with the
manager UID, to get his DN and to put it in the manager attribute with a
reformat operation. That is the common use case.

But let's imagine that there is no user in my eDir with the UID in the
csv file. Obviously, the query returns no results, and here is the root
of the problem, the value of the UID stays in the manager operation
attribute, but it's not a DN, so i get an violation syntax error...
I cannot use the reformat operation attribute to make it blank cause
blank isn't a dn, i guess i should simply get rid out of the manager
item in the DirXML event, but i don't know how to edit/access directly
the DirXML event from my driver :s

Or maybe there is some way to delete the operation attribute with
common policy actions but i didn't find it...

Maybe there is another solution to bypass the problem, like using
another attribute than a DN attribute, but this isn't very clean i guess
and moreover.
Another choice could be to use source attribute with current object to
get the manager and if i got one match i push the matched DN with
destination attribute. But as there isn't DNs in CSV file i don't really
know if i could use source attribute on it...
I'll check that solution on Monday!

If anyone got an idea...
Thanks for support,

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