We have eDirectory (8.8sp2) running on two servers, one is master, the
other is R/W. We also have IDM 3.5.1 with several drivers on both
servers for redundancy. Usually, drivers are running on one server and
off on the other. And they can fail over if necessary. Recently, we
figure out when events come into driver, they will be processed by the
running driver and cached in the "off" driver of the other server.
Therefore, when we swith driver to the other server, it will look at
driver cache and re-process events in it again. It sounds not
reasonable. We know we can clear the driver cache before swithing driver
over, but definitely it's not a good way. I wonder if there is parameter
to configure that or I misunderstand how it's working. Could someone
help with that?

Thanks a lot!


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