I've never really used Role Based Entitlements (other than playing
around in my lab), but I just came across a situation where I thought
they would work good. I want to provide easy flexibility to change role
assignments to lower level admins. So I went into my test environment
and created an Entitlement Services Driver and then I went to iManager
2.7, picked Role Base Entitlements, then selected the driver set, and
then nothing. iManager never comes back. I tried using iManager
running on a Linux host and on NetWare. On NetWare, it dies after about
10 mintues with a Server 503 error. On Linux, I gave up after about 15
minutes. I also tried creating the Entitlement driver via Designer and
via iManager (when doing it via iManager, it creates the driver, but
never comes back after I hit "finish").

This tree has about 150,000 users in it and 4 other drivers. It's a
flat architecture, single partition. I'm using iManager 2.7 with the
IdM 3.6 plugins. The backend is IdM 3.5.1 with eDir

I found some other threads about this, but it seemed to be more about
the actual evaluation in a large tree. I can't even get to the point of
creating my first RBE. Is this just too big a tree for RBE?

Assuming I don't use RBE, is there any reason to use Entitlements
versus my own "flag" attributes? I don't have RBP at this site. Can I
even set Entitlements using other mechanisms?



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