I'm currently designing a new PeopleSoft (Campus Solution) driver and
I'm struggling with the Component Interface part. I have three questions
about how the shim interacts with the Component Interface:

1) Are multi-level CI's supported? When I looked at the documentation
in 2005 there was a note about multi-levels CI's: queries on the
publisher were not supported at that point in time. The IDM 3.5.1
documentation does not mention this limitation. I need this
functionality because a student can have one ore more enrollments inside
PeopleSoft (one-to-many relation). In my opinion the best way to handle
this is by using a scroll level 1 for enrollments that is connected with
the level 0 student data, right?

2) Besides students and enrollments, I would like to exchange the
course catalog as well. What I understand that each objectclass has its
own Component Interface according to the mapping rule. Creating multiple
CI's is the right way to do this (one for user/ enrollment objects and
one for course catalog objects)?

3) Besides syncing students on the publisher channel, we also want to
sync employees on the subscriber channel (user_profiles etc.). Because
both student and employee are from the same objectclass, they need to be
handled by the same CI (according to the schema mapping). How do I
prevent that student information can be synced to the staging table
while syncing employee data? Ofcourse we filter on the subscriber
channel, but the CI needs to be aware of this as well.


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