Novell Identity Manager 3.6
Windows Server 2003 R2

I'm actually looking for some quick and dirty sample code for try to
read a XML resource object from within policy builder on the driver.

XML content is a resource object in the IdM/Library object which looks
like this

<Identity Id="1" Name="A" ShortName="A-">
<Identity Id="2" Name="B" ShortName="B-">

I was wondering how to query for the info, for Example,

Return Org for Identity where Identity ID = 2
Return ExchangeMailbox where Identity ID = 1
Return ShortName where Identity ID = 1

The new XML element in this resource object might be added later on.
for Example

<ContacEmail></ContactEmail> etc..

I feel that solution which is posted on following URL is quite complex
to acheive above tasks.


We have treid to use Source Attribute(Dirxml-XMLData) option to read
the Data, but it returns an stream of Octet.

I'd appreciate, if someone can share his Code with us.



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