IDM 3.5.1

Setup: eDir(NW6.5sp7) --- eDir Vault(NW6.5sp7)----Ad(win 2003)

Edir to eDir driver

Edir Vault to Ad:
Ad Driver (sync) DC=Users in Ad to OU=Users,O=domain in eDir
Student AD Driver OU=Students, DC=doamin in Ad to OU=Students,O=domain in eDir

Both sync different Groups from/to DC=Groups,Dc=domain in Ad to OU=Groups,O=domain in eDir

Before yesterday, I only had Groups set up in the AD Driver, not the Student AD Driver.
I can add users from Users on ether side to a group, and it syncs fine.. However, Students would not sync, they would show up in the group in AD, but never in eDir.

I duplicated the match policies and placement policies from AD driver to Student AD Driver.. Students synced OK, then they disappeared in eDir, then they would show up again.

Finally, they all were removed from the groups in Ad as well, and stopped.

Now, if I add a user from Users on either side they are OK.
If I add a student, one is OK, I add a second one, and the first one is removed, and the second one is now in the group.

The only thing I see so far, is On the Ad server remote loader, I see ldap-rc-"53" LDAp unwilling to perform

I have just tried a few with logging on all servers. I will try to sort out pieces to make the logs smaller, and see what I can tell. Right now, they are quite large..

Any ideas would be appreciated.