Hi everyone,

I have some questions about how the drivers manage the accents.
I'm actually French and i have to deal with data containing for example
or characters, often located in firstname and lastname.

But here is the trouble, i have two data sources, one is with accent
and the other is not, so i create a little bit of ecmascript which
should transform the characters with accent to the characters without.

But it seems it doesn't work very efficiently and in the trace, for the
firstname "Frdric" i got "Fr?d?ric".

I checked if this was an encoding trouble in my web browser but with
any code i tested, i keep getting the ?.
And as the only debug tool i have is iMonitor with DSTRACE, i'm kind of
embarassed because i cannot know if my EcmaScript get the characters
with accent or get a ? ... :s

Hoping someone already experienced that kind of accent trouble,
Thanks for support,

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