We have requirement for creating object from database and there two
directory, Team and Managers, into which User object is to be persists.
And also to kepp update these object from DB as well. Now i am creating
object in Team directory using JDBC directory and using Loopback driver
moving objects into Managers directory. There are few modifications as
well while moving the object into Managers as follows:

1) CN should be changed to new String, say *NetworkID*, generated into
Loopback driver.
2) All association should also be moved along with object so that no
search would be required to update User information.

I figure out two ways as explained below to do this but both of above
requirements are not meeting.

1) Created new object and copied all attributes with *NetworkID* as CN
but using this not meeting requirement 2.

2) Moved object into Manager directory but using this we are not
meeting second requirement.

Please suggest any other way to incorporate both requirements.

Thanks in advance.

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