Hallo @ all

i have two questions about the ldap driver and hope that someone can
help me

1)I am using the LDAP driver for the communication with openLDAP and
the automatic synchronization works very good. All changes in the
identity vault are propagated to the openLDAP.
My question is: is there a possibility _only_ to inform the connected
system (here openLDAP) about changes in the identity vault. To trigger
some kind of process there so this system can take the new data from the
identity vault whenever it wants (e.g. once at night)?

2) In the properties of the driver the value for "polling interval in
seconds" equals 20 seconds and i am using LDAP Search as the
"publication method" (because i connect to openLDAP). My problem is that
the LDAP-box doesn't get any LDAPsearch tasks. I use wireshark on the
box with LDAP and at the beginning the communication was very good to
see but now it isn't there and i have no idea why. What could be the

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