has anyone successfully sunk posixaccount and posixgroup info from one
edir to another?
i have put posixaccount and posixgroup classes and all related
attributes into the driver filter, and added GUID to both as requested.
i have then added the unix snapins for consoleone so i can add in the
unix info via the unix tab when creating a new user.
posixaccount and posixgroup are in the edir schema
the users synch fine but nothing related to the unix profile is sent
except the user is added to the posixgroup (which was created and sunk
at first i though i might need to add objectclass into the user filter,
but that doesnt do anything.
the edir driver is straight out of the box on both sides, mirrored no
alterations. idm 3.01, edir 873 v6
i'm lost, any ideas?

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