I'm helping a client with the scripting driver with patch 6 on Windows
Server 2003 SP1 (domain member) and we have some questions.

1) Is there any documentation on which rights the installation program
needs to install the driver? We had to move our servers to another OU
because some policies prevented the installation from succeeding.

2) What rights are needed for the user that is used to run the driver
service for the service to start?

3) When running wsdriver.exe in console mode it only shows the event
"polling script executed" and not the events on the subscriber channel
(the stuff you see in script-trace.log). Is that by design or is there a
setting somewhere?

4) Is this possible to get VB Script errors that add.vbs etc. generate
reported in the logfile? Like if I used a variable without declaring it
or entering something like wscript.sleepT(10000) instead of
wscript.sleep? Or how would one go about to debug such kind of errors?

5) Entering "option explicit" in the subscriber script catches the
wscript.sleepT error in the add.vbs script but it still allows them to
try to use undeclared variables. Are there any negative consequences by
using "option explicit"

5) EFS should be in the system requirements part of the documentation.
The client got error code 5 in the log and it took them some time to
find out that EFS must be enabled on the server.