I updated our eDirectory 8.8 -> 8.8.3 and IDM 3.5 -> 3.6. Since the
update I haven't gotten the drivers to work since the VRDIM will not
load. I replicated our users to an other server, uninstalled everything
and installed eDir 8.8.3 and IDM 3.6 from scratch just to run into the
same problem again.

Here's a piece of trace that repeats in ndstrace:
DEBUG: Calling DSARead conn:11 for client .admin.xxx.XXX.

DEBUG: Calling DSAResolveName conn:11 for client .admin.xxx.XXX.

INFO: Resolving \XXX\xxx\server, flags 00004002.

INFO: Respond with local entry succeeded.

DEBUG: Calling DSAResolveName conn:18 for client .[Public].

DEBUG: Calling DSAVRSetOperation conn:11 for client .admin.xxx.XXX.

DEBUG: DSAVRSetOperation failed, VR Driver Interface Module not loaded

DEBUG: Inconn 13 Setting timeout: 11000

DEBUG: Inconn 13 Setting timeout: 11000


IDM installation log shows everything went ok with no errors and I saw
no errors when installing. eDirectory seems to work fine, VR Driver
module errors appear when I try to create a driver. I checked that the

I'm using RHEL 4 AS with i386 architecture, 2Gb memory.

"rpm -ql novell-DXMLengn-3.6.0-20080716" gives me vrdim libraries
(skipped other files to save space here):

Any help is highly appreciated.