A slightly tongue-in-cheek subject line, but it's basically the

I have an eDir (8.7 and 8.8 mixed) which is running on a combination of
OES-L and OES-Netware boxes.

I have the following drivers:

User app(3.5.1) - O1
User app (3.5.1) - O2
AD x3 (one for our general AD forest for user workstations and 2
Entitlement Service

The drivers are basically stock out of the box drivers. I've done some
very very minor tweaks to them (which is about the limit of my skills.)

We have the engine running on an OES-Netware box (NW 6.5 sp7) with eDir Occasionally, for no apparent reason a driver will stop
working, and can't be restarted. The only way to get things unstuck is
to either power-cycle the server, or kill it with the debugger. If you
try to just "restart server" things will hang at "unloading DirXML".

This has gone from an annoyance to a trend, to an issue for me.

Anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking? I'm considering
opening a call with Novell, but honestly I fear the pain of dealing with
the new support center. Thrice bitten and all that. :-/

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