IDM 3.5.1
Netware 6.5 SP6 (ID Vault)
Windows Server 2003
One way sync of userids from eDir to AD

I have been looking at ways to start the AD driver from the comand line
on the server. I found this tip for dxcmd -

but am not happy putting any password in the clear on any part of the
So if I just type the dxcmd line without the password switch like so -

dxcmd -user [privileged userid.context] -start "ADDriver.Driver Set"

A java screen appears prompting me for my password. When I input my
password it appears in cleartext before me on the console. Once accepted
the java screen disappears in a puff of smoke and the ADDriver starts up.

My questions are -

1) Is there a log anywhere on the server of the temporary java
authentication screen, and if there is can you disable the log so as not
to record the password in the clear?

2) Is there a dxcmd switch to keep the password obscured when input on
the console java screen?