Windows Server 2003 R2
Novell Identity Manager 3.6

We have developed a couple of java code to use with Novell Identity
Manager IdM drivers to acheive our required functionality.

We were wondring, what is the best possible deployment location for our
custom code??

Either Novell\NDS\Lib or Novell\NDS\JRE\LIB\EXT??

Our code is dependant on some of the other classes that we find also in
Novell\NDS\LIB which comes as part of the standard Novell IdM
Installations, but they are the older versions then what our code is

Since our code uses new version of these classes, we have bundleld all
the dependanceis in a single .JAR file and we have decided to put our
code in NOVELL\NDS\JRE\LIB\EXT folder.

Is there any problem for doing this?, or what are the best practices
when it comes to deploying custom code?



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