I have a client with a large tree (335,000 user objects) which we are in
the process of redesigning their IDM infrastructure. Right now they have
their 70+ drivers broken up over four driver sets. I am considering
suggesting they simplify this as we re-deploy their drivers, moving
drivers to one driver set for their authentication tree and another
driver set for their 70+ connected systems. We would then host these
drivers on 6 or more different servers.

My thought is by putting them in a single driver set we gain a lot more
flexibility in case a server is unavailable, we can spread it's load out
over the remaining survivors. What this does from an eDirectory
perspective is to put them all in the same partition, which I don't
think will matter much, we just need to put the partition on all the
servers, but there isn't much churn on those objects so replicating it 6
or 7 times should not be an issue.

Any experiences, thoughts, etc?

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