Hi everyone,

As i wrote in the title, i want to use the subscriber channel of my
delimited text to generate some files containing troubles which could
happen during my user loading.

I set on the loopback mode of the driver and it seems to work but...
The driver's subscriber channel do nothing:

04:10:24 9B95DBA0 Drvrs: TEXT Driver ST:Start transaction.
01:00:00 9B95DBA0 Drvrs: TEXT Driver STiscarding transaction because of optimization.

Moreover, it seems there is a real issue with my subscriber channel,
when i actually change some attribute of one user to generate an error
to be caught by my driver, no csv file is generated, even if the user
pass through the channel... Am i missing something critical?
But anyway, even if the user passes through when i manually make the
error, the aim of the driver is to be automatic so i have to solve the
"Discarding transaction" problem too!

Thank you for support,

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