Hi everyone,

Here is my situation:

I want to load some OU from a CSV file, then, with another CSV file i
want to load some users and bind them to the OUs with my Delimited Text

But here is the problem, i'm working with IDM 3.6 and i'm not sure
about 3.5.1 but i don't find query actions in the performable action
list with driver's policies.
In my CSV file containing users, i have the OU name which should be
binded to my user but i'm not able to search my eDir to get the DN.

I thought i can use the Find Matching Object action, but i guess it's
more a Find Matching User action since i didn't find how to set the
object class to look for.

Is there any good practice or other way to perform a query in my
driver's policies?

Thanks for support,

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