I have an annoing displaying issue between my OTA and Production
Both enviroments have a driver set with two engine servers assigned to it.
When I look in iManager, Identity Manager Overview at the driver set,
(Running on server...)
for the OTA environment the engine servers are displayed in order, ENG1 on
top, followed bij ENG2
for the Production environtment they are in reverse order, ENG2 on top

The sort order of the servers in the DirXML-ServerList attribute of the
driverset is different in OTA/Productio, reflecting the sort order.
So I tried to change the order in the OTA environment using ConsoleOne, but
after save they are again sorted.

Does anyone have a better idea how to influence the sort order?
(without deleting and adding the second engine, since all configuration data
of all drivers for that server will be lost)