We are using IDM 3.6 on edir 88SP2 OS= SLES10.
Recently we had upgraded from idm 3.5.1 and now we see the entitlement
ref for user is not consistent.
Eg. when i add a user with ADaccess = TRUE it gets the entitlement
[member filter == (&(ADaccess=true)(objectclass=inetorgperson))] and the
status shows as Granted.
Now if I rename the user from the auth source (DB2 Database), the user
gets renamed in IDM and then the *entitlement state = revoked, *although
ADAccess is still set to true.This is quite crazy and does not fall as
per the entitlement policy.
Now if Re-evaluate role-based entitlement membership, the state again
turns back to *GRANTED*.

Do anyone face the same issue with IDM 3.6 on edir 882. If yes, please
let me know a fix.


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