I am not seeing some 3.6 plug-ins for IDM in my iMan 2.7.1 (NW 6.5 SP7, eDir that I could really use right now to view the eDir driver and AD
driver caches. I thought the 3.6 plug-ins would be backward compatible with
3.50, but maybe not. The iMan IDM Overview/Utilities/and Password plug-ins
work fine. I want to use the Cache Inspector, but it's not in my list. I
verified all are assigned to me in RBS. I'm thinking it's because we're at
IDM 3.50 and not 3.51, so I want to upgrade to 3.51. We're not ready to go
to IDM 3.6.

I did a search for the update, and says to apply the full version of 3.51.
Okay. I was wondering if there is a 'gotcha' wiki on the update from 3.50
to 3.51 for things to be aware of, or is it so straight-forward that there's
nothing to be overly concerned with? We have an eDir2eDir driver, an AD
driver, and a GroupWise driver installed, but it's not running quite yet.
We use a remote loader on a linux box.