Hi Forums

I have been working in this challenge, i have added users to groups via
the JDBC driver from a comma seperated field in an Oracle Db, and a user
gets member of several groups called e.g. intra-1, intra-2, intra-blabla
and so on.
I got that working allright, now my challenge is when the Oracle DB
field changes and the user has to get out of some groups. e.g. the users
has to leave the group intra-blabla then i get in trouble, to not leave
all groups the user have beyond the special prefixed ones called
intra-something, how can i create a "nodeset" or whatever of the
existing groups on the user and then remove the groups that needs to be
removed according to whats in the Oracle DB field, and then re apply
the groups so it will, reflect the new ones.

- Michael