To the collective,

I have one client relatively high volume client who is using IDM for a
public facing application that has been complaining that from time to
time (between every few weeks and every few months) passwords stop
syncing from one of their two AD domains into eDirectory. Sometimes
stopping and restarting the remote loader resolves this issue, sometimes
it requires the whole DC to be restarted to resume passwords.

The other day, they had this issue, and restarting the remote loader
did cause all the queued up passwords to sync through.

I would chaulk this up to a fluke, except that I am now on site with
another different higher volume client (a municipal which communicates
with other agencies in the city but has little or no control over the
agency's connected systems) running the same version of IDM and
eDirectory (3.01 with 8.8) and experienced the exact same behavior,
restarting the remote loader "freed" trapped password changes. The
problem in this case is that users had worked around the problem using a
self-service portal for several days, so several days of passwords
reverted to older values.

Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

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