<Karora 10/03/2008>
My Objective : To assign Roles to users and user will get the
entitlements through Roles b'coz entitlements are associated with Roles.
This entitlement Policies are build on Driver. So When User will get
this entitlement , these user modification event should cature by the
respective driver only ( Not by all the drivers which are not entitled
through this entitlement Policy ).

I have worked on one scenario and used Delimited Text Drivers to
accomplish the same.

Role1 - associated with Entitlement Policy - EntitlementApp1 with param
Used Driver - App1(Delimited Text Driver) - created Entitlement -
EntitlementApp1 (administrative valued list - 1 , 2, 3 , 4)

Role 2 - associated with Entitlement Policy -EntitlementApp2 with
param (13)
Used Driver - App2(Delimited Text Driver) - created Entitlement -
EntitlementApp2 (administrative valued list - 11 , 12, 13 , 14)

When i Assign a User to Role 1 , this Event is passing through both the
Drivers App1 and App2.

Even i have also Build one Policy in Both the App1 and App2 drivers
which is saying to Veto if 'DirXML-EntitlementRef' is not same which is
expected on the driver.
Like Expected Entilement on App1 ( EntitlementApp1) and User attribute
'DirXML-EntitlementRef' not equal (compare in source DN) then Veto . But
same user with Role1, passing through both the drivers.

Please suggest if i am missing any steps or configuration here .

<Karora 10/03/2008>

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