Dear all,

I would like to ask about LDAP's associations with IDM tree

this is my environment and situation>>>

I have and IDM tree with has many users under some ou and my task is
link the user from idm tree to OpenLDAP with it's already has the
existing users on it(with Qmail App).Plus all users from both side are
the same person but the didn't link yet because this OpenLDAP is an back
up.So, the user from IDM tree is not associate with user in OpenLDAP,

..the example of user from both side is like


IDM : cn=exam, ou=User,

...For the new user who created after I set the driver set on IDM
didn't have any problem. New User can rename and re-password to OpenLDAP

But...for the existing user...I used DAModifier for fix an association
and rename user. And yes, I can rename user from IDM to OpenLDAP but I
can do it just once.Then I don't know that is it anyway to solve this

Cuz I want the existing user link to user in OpenLDAP completely with
out re-associate object between IDM-OepnLDAP again.

Any help?

P.S. If u guys still curious my situation, please feel free to asking
more because I really stuck to solve this problem

Thank you guys (^^)

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