We are running LDAP driver version 3.5.5 against a Sun LDAP and when a
changelog delete event is processed, the publisher thread stops
processing changelog events. From the tracefile, it appears that the
driver shim submits the change with event-id of 1 instead of using the
changelog number as the event ID, but still expects the response to be
for the changelog number.

After processing such an event, the publisher does not request any more
changelog events from the LDAP application, and when it is terminated we
get the following in the trace log:

[10/01/08 11:46:36.626]:lum ST:Waiting for Publisher thread to
[10/01/08 11:47:06.631]:lum ST:Publisher thread did NOT terminate
(timed out).

Has anyone seen this and come up with a workaround for it?

|Filename: trace.txt |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=1747 |

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