Hi everyone,

I'm facing a problem where I need to send an e-mail with the help of an
e-mail template object. The number of replacement tokens can differ,
depending which message needs to be send. I need to find a way to
dynamically set my replacement tokens based upon operation-data:

timestamp="1222678114#179" type="mail">
<replacements event-id="pwdaudit#81">
<replacement name="#aanhef#">
<content lang="nl">mevrouw Simic</content>
<content lang="en">Ms Simic</content>
<replacement name="#date#">
<content lang="nl">21-08-2008</content>
<content lang="en">21-08-2008</content>

In the above example operation data there are 2 replacement elements
that I need to convert to 4 replacement tokens. The problem is that
arg-string name attribute and the value needs to be set dynamically
based on the elements and attributes within the operation-data.

<arg-string name="#aanhef#nl">
<token-text>mevrouw Simic</token-text>
<arg-string name="#aanhef#en">
<token-text>Ms Simic</token-text>
<arg-string name="#date#nl">
<arg-string name="#date#en">

Any idea how to this with DirXML script? Thanks in advance!


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