IDM 3.5.1 patched on eDir 8.8.2 patched.

I have a complex setup where JDBC makes a change on a Work Order, on
success, it renames it. That all works.

Long story, but I have a SOAP driver that watches for Work Orders, and
dumps some stuff into the Workflow, if it is User App related.

BUT one of the side things the SOAP driver does is watch for rename
events and if it sees one, process some logic, and if the conditions are
right, delete the just renamed WOrk Order.

This works more than 95% of the time. But what I cannot figure out is,
I am loosing the rename events on the SOAP driver!

SOAP is on one server, JDBC is on another server. So there is a
replication event in there too...

If I loose the rename event on SOAP, I instead see an <add> event.

I can see the JDBC doing what it should, renaming the object. I look at
the same time period in SOAP and I see an <add> event instead of a
<rename> event.

One solution is put everything on one box, but I am running into another
timing issue elsewhere where one event causes an object create (Work
Order) and a change to a User. Seems like the User change syncs faster
than the object create, so I am likely going to end up with all those
drivers on the same box...

I WOULD like to be able to seperate at least some drivers off onto the
second box...

Trace looks good across the board. Normal add, rename, etc events.
Nothing before or after to comment about.

Anyone seen this before?