I want 'my cake and eat it'...!
We have eDir<->AD IDM 3.51 with password sync and all is well

However, we are having to introduce SafeBoot device encryption for our
laptops and the only way I can find to sync the passwords to the
SafeBoot database is to allow the Novell Client function to perform
Windows Password Sync.... This seems to work as the Safeboot client
will detect a local windows password change and sync this to it's
database, so when we change the Novell password using the client, it
updates windows using a 'local' mechanism and this in turn updates
Safeboot. Seems OK....
... without IDM PassSync!!
With IDM PassSync in place the attempt to 'locally' change the Windows
password fails - presumably because IDM Pass Sync has already change the
credentials and the 'Old Password' value it is using is now invalid...

So, is there anyway to allow 'local' Windows Password Sync on some
clients (laptops) whilst maintaining IDM PassSync?
e.g. can we registry disable, dll replace/remove on some workstations?
could we put in a delay to prevent the IDM Pass Sync from happening so
quickly, so that the 'Old Password' is still valid for the change
request from the client?

Any ideas or suggestions?

Many thanks

P.S. This seems perverse... I'm sure I've previously asked (in NAM2.1
days) how to speed up the backend password sync!! ;-)

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