I know that this is just as much an eDirectory question as anything but
I'm wanting some suggestions from the IDM perspective.

I am looking at an environment with 650+ partitions with near future
aspirations of well over 1,000 partitions (after merging 3 trees). This
is a banking environment with local servers at their bank branches.

Obviously to keep things simple I'd like to have a single eDirectory
driver for the current environment (650+ partitions). My question is,
assuming a SLES 10 SP2 (eDir 8.8.2+) server, how many replicas have you
guys put onto a single server for the purposes of running a single eDir
driver? Keep in mind that the number of partitions is great but the
number of objects per partition are relatively small.

Out of curiosity, if we went the LDAP driver route, do you still need
to point to a server with all replicas or would LDAP referrals handle
this? I haven't used the LDAP driver in such an environment so haven't
tested this.

Back to the eDir driver... If I have to have multiple drivers for a
single tree because of partitioning, what are you guys doing (or
suggesting) when an object needs to be moved from one container to
another which results in putting the user object in a partition outside
of the "realm" of the original driver/server? I could see putting the
move on a loopback/null driver but what do you do with the eDir driver
association(s)? Seems like you would remove the assocation of the "old"
driver and then have the move operation pass to the driver in that
partition to re-associate with the metadirectory account.

Thanks in advance!

Troy Moreland
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