I'm working with <sync> events again, this time with the Null driver. I
have to find and fix a couple of attributes, and since the values have
some restrictions meaning that I need to be able to use query, I thought
Null might be an easy solution. Hah.

So I set up the filter (User object class, email address attribute), and
a policy to take a <sync> on a User, query to see if email address is
populated, and if not to go find a unique email address and assign it to
the user. Seemed simple enough.

Using dxcmd, then, I did a resync on this driver. Waited a while. It's
done. But not all objects got modified. Looking at the level 3 trace,
there are exactly 27,600 <sync> events processed. The tree has about
85,000 users in it.

For every <sync> that was processed, my rule seems to have worked fine.
It's that there are about 60K users that didn't get a <sync> that's
bothering me. Shouldn't a resync (all) actually resync all?

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