Since Novell has yet to be able to put me in front of deployment
documentation for the new RemedyARS71 connector, I've been flying blind
attempting to get it up and working. I'm using an IDM 3.5 environment
since we're still on 8.8, and obtained the new driver template from
Designer 3.0 since it appears to only come coupled with IDM 3.6 now.

My question is, so far, everyone seems to infer the prerequisites for
this is Remedy v7.1 (though this remains unconfirmed since Novell can't
show me actual deployment documentation). However, in my testing, the
new ARSDriver.jar seemed to though NoClassDefFoundError:
com/remedy/arsys/api/ARServerUser when I supplied arutil71.jar and
arapi71.jar. After some research on the BMC side, I found out BMC
changed their Java path from com.remedy.arsys.api to com.bmc.arsys.api
during the transition of the 7.0 API to 7.1. So i replaced arutil71.jar
and arapi71.jar with arutil70.jar and arapi70.jar and bingo, now the
remote loader will actually start. Does this mean the new ARSDriver.jar
was actually written for the v7.0 API's not 7.1 like everyone has told

What further begs that question is now the remote loader starts, I
attempt to bring up the driver and get a Unable to connect o ARS Server
with a ARSDriverShim: problem with native libraries and a
java.lang.noclassdeffounderror (but doesn't say which class this time).

I know one or two of you out there beta tested this thing and had it
working. I sure could use some advice on which .jar's are needed from
the Remedy API, which versions and where they need placed. One would
assume that would be part of the deployment doc's, but with Novell
searching to simply uncover their existence, Iím not optimistic.


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