Hello All,

I'm working on a process to move drivers from Dev to Prod. To that end
I'm trying to move a "edir to edir" setup to a temp staging system to
validate the process. Here's a high level overview of what I've done:

1. Exported driver configs from Designer 2.1.1
2. Imported driver configs into respective trees via iManager
3. Ran NDS to NDS cert Wizard
3. Edited Driver "Authentication Context" on driver properties page to
reflect the "other side's eDir server"
4. Set the Driver Object and Application passwords on both side to

Here's the problem; The drivers seem to start OK, but they never
connect with each other. The last line of a Level 3 trace on both sides
always says:
"Need new connection; Waiting for remote Subscriber to connect..."

A wireshark trace from one of the servers, shows no packets at all
coming from or going to the other server during driver start.

Attached is a level 3 trace from one side, any insight into what I'm
missing would be greatly appreciated.


|Filename: 4upload.log |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....chmentid=1660|

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