I have a test environment set up with an Netware 6.5sp7 server box and a
Windows Server 2003/AD/Exchange 2007 box. Installed IDM 3.5.1 on the Netware
box, then installed the Active Directory driver on the AD box.

If I create a new user in eDir, the user shows up on the AD box with a
mailbox in Exchange. Just what one would expect.

What I've noticed though is that if I have an existing group in eDir, or
create a new one in eDir, what shows up on the AD box is an Exchange
"Distribution Group". This object is correctly populated with the matching
AD users as found within the eDir object.

However, the "Display Name" for the AD distribution group is blank. If you
open one of these groups in AD you get an error about invalid data; namely
the missing Display Name for the group.

My question is, was the default Active Directory driver specifically
designed to not populate the Display Name value for a Distribution Group
when created from an eDir Group object? If so, is there a patch, or xml edit
that I can do in order to get this AD value populated?

I look forward to your response.