Hi all,

Exchange stores email addresses in the attribute proxyAddresses. Its a
mutli-valued string attribute e.g.
+ SMTP:MyMainEmailAddress@domain.com
+ smtp:AnotherEmailAddress@domain.com
+ smtp:SomeOtherEmailAddress@domain.com
+ x400:1990sAddress@domain.com

The set up is to allow admin's of the eDirectory tree to add/remove
email addresses. The handling of the attribute is all fine, problem is
in the query...

How am I best to query the Active Directory for any user/group already
using an email address I'm about to add to an object. Basically a safe
guard to ensure I don't have the same email address on two objects
It will need to check all the values of the attribute proxyAddresses on
all objects except the one I'm about to add it to.



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