I have an eDir to eDir driver.
As a user is added in my Identity Vault, a user is also created in the
eDir application and the home directory
of this user is also created
via the following rule :

<do-add-dest-attr-value name="Home Directory">
<arg-value type="structured">
<arg-component name="nameSpace">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">0</token-text>
<arg-component name="volume">
xml:space="preserve">Alpha\Service\Systeme_HOMEDIR </token-text>
<arg-component name="path">
<token-attr name="CN"/>

For example if my "martin_c" user is created, a home directory
"martin_c" is also created.

Problem comes when the user is renamed, for example if "martin_c"
becomes "cornelius_c", but the previous home directory has still same
name (martin_c).

As user is renamed, I don't know how to do (and if it is possible) to
rename its associated home directory object.

Have you already deal with this problem ?

Thank you for help,


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