I've seen a few reports here over the years of the DelimText driver not
processing the entire input file, but I just ran in to that here and I
think I figured out why.

In the input data, one of the fields had an unexpected set of quotes in
it. So rather than finding a record like:

N,N,N,N,N,N,Somewhere Plot No.- 313/4 ,Sector-8/C, , ,Redbank,NJ,45002,
,Somewhere Plot No.- 313/4 ,Sector-8/C, , ,Redbank,NJ,45002,,999999999

I got:

N,N,N,N,N,N,"Somewhere" Plot No.- 313/4 ,Sector-8/C, ,
,Redbank,NJ,45002, ,"Somewhere" Plot No.- 313/4 ,Sector-8/C, ,

(Yes, the values here are made up...)

The "Somewhere" in there seems to be the problem. This was about 50% of
the way through the file. Trace level 3 clearly shows it processing the
record before this one, then shows it doing the file rename as though
there were no more data records found in the file to process. There are
no messages, errors, or other indication that there was anything amiss.

By fixing this record to remove the extraneous quotes, the whole file
processes fine.

Bug? Engine and driver are 3.5.1.

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