Ok, I did something dumb. On one of my test servers running eDir 8.8.2
and IdM 3.5.1, I upgrade to eDir 8.8.3 64-bit then tried to install IdM
3.6, not realizing that IdM 3.6 is does not support 64-bit eDir (BTW,
where is that in the docs? I couldn't find it).

So, I removed eDir 8.8.3 64-bit and reinstalled eDir 8.8.3 32-bit, and
my eDir is back up with IdM 3.5.1 running just fine. So I tried to
install Idm 3.6, but it thinks I still have 64-eDir installed (which I
do not).

Can anyone tell me what the IdM 3.6 installed is using to check the
version of eDir? How can I correct this? Thanks.


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