This relates to the In Place Upgrade instructions in the documentation:

'Novell Documentation' (

(I hope that link works).

They did not number the steps, so I will reference it as about the 14th
and 15th main bullet points. They now say (Optional), but did not at
first. These steps, when it was not marked "Optional", sorta scared the
heck out of me. Now, they optional, and I have no plans to incorporate
it. The risk here could be tremendous.

If you have not read it, this is the step to overlay the new default
driver xml files on your existing drivers. What this does is orphan
every custom policy you have, and overwrites any policies based on
defaults you did not rename. I use the Star Trek TNG analogy, where
Wesley Crusher takes all the isolinear chips out of the Warp Drive
control and tosses them on the floor of the Engine Room. (No IT person
I have used this analogy on has had any problem with the analogy) Now,
you have to put all your Policies back in the same place and same order
they came from, assuming none of them got overwritten.

My question is this. What did this xml overlay do for the drivers, and
what will not be there if you do not do it? I am going from 3.5.1 to
3.6. From what I can tell, there is very little new driver
functionality in this upgrade.

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