I'm having trouble creating Exchange 2007 accounts. I'm running the
Remote Loader on a member server, not a domain controller. This
environment had a previously running AD driver (IdM 3.5.1) that has been
working with out issue. I added in the service for creating Exchange
accounts and updated the driver, but when it tries to create an account
I get this following:

Exchange 2007 Exception. code:0x000000fe Error completing exchange 2007
command. ERROR: Database "LAB-1EX2007\First Storage Group\Mailbox
Database" was not found. Please make sure you have typed it correctly.

So I tried doing the command manually from the Exchange Shell,and I get

Enable-Mailbox : This task does not support recipients of this type.
The specif
ied recipient xxx.xxxxx.edu/xxx Users/STU/000Test2 is of type MailUser.
Please make sure that this recipient matches the required recipient type
for this task.

I saw a post about taking mailnickname out of the command transform,
but that doesn't seem to work (at first I thought it did).

I did put on the latest AD driver patch.

Any advice is appreciated.



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