Use JDBC driver.
umhsWorkAddress is a multi-value structured attribute. It has 5
components under it: street1, stree2, city, state and postalCode. The
XML looks like:

<modify-attr attr-name="umhsWorkAddress">
<component name="street1">342 Red St</component>
<component name="street2"/>
<component name="city">hometown</component>
<component name="state">OH</component>
<component name="postalCode">98765</component>

I have a view in Oracle db with mv_street1, mv_street2, mv_city,
mv_state and mv_postalCode columns.

How can I map the components under umhsWorkPhone to the columns in the
view?? I tried

<attr-name class-name="User">

It did not work.

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