Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I was hoping to get
suggestions from folks with IDV experience.

Our IDV server has been so stable since I've started with the company
that I've never actually had to touch the hardware, until recently.
We've started to encounter intermittent hardware issues, during
investigation I've come to find that our IDV server is running on a
single drive configuration, so instead of just resolving the hardware
issue I would like to migrate either to VM or another physical box with

We're running Netware 6.5 SP6, Edir with IDM 3.5 in tree with 3
servers in the replica.

The couple ideas that I've had is to:
1)Ghost the IDV server to a staging location, and ghost that image
either to a VM or new physical hardware.

2)Use the Migration Wizard for Netware to move this server to a new
physical box.

3)Build a 4th server for the tree, install IDV engine, and configure
IDM to run on this new server and remove the server with hardware issues
from the tree.

If you have had any experience or can offer any insight on the above
situation, it would be greatly appreciated.


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