I'm stuck now, and some help would be very nice.

IDM 3.0 ,eDir on Sles9
14 AD Domain Controllers (Windows2003 SP1 and SP2, Windows 2008 64Bit
Edition SP1)

We installed the PW Filter on all Servers (i userd PW Filter out of the
IDM 3.6 Packages to get the Windows 2008 64Bit Servers running).

Now i got the following Phenomen.

The PW Filter Utility says that all Filters are Running.
The Driver says that some are not running and when we change the
password on one of those i get the PW Event in the RL but it ends with a

PwFilter is working on (Windows 2003SP1, Windows2003SP2 and
Windows2008SP1 64Bit Edition)

All DC that are not working are Windows2003SP2.

What we allready did:
-Remove the Filter (also Cleared Regestry)
-Reinstalled the Filter
-checked dll Version
-checked Regestry
-PWFilter Utility says its running -> Driver still says PW Filter is
not installed. 0x69D code

Anyone can give me some adivce? Due to Security Restrictions i am not
allowed to paste any TraceFiles in here.


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