We have installed HPUX shim Driver on one of our connected system (HP
UNIX Resource).When we start the driver (on connected system (HPUX
resource)) using command "/sbin/init.d/nxdrvd start" it shows a message
"Done". But as we check "Driver status" it gives " Driver is not

Errors in trace files :

2008-09-03 16:32:14 [25944@3]: (network_tcpip_ssl)
tcp_ssl_load_identity: could not read certificate,
2008-09-03 16:32:14 [25944@3]: (network_tcpip_ssl)
tcp_ssl_load_identity: private key error
2008-09-03 16:32:14 [25944@3]: (network_tcpip_ssl)
tcp_ssl_load_identity: could not use temp. certificate
2008-09-03 16:32:14 [25944@3]: (network_tcpip_ssl)
tcp_ssl_valid_socket: invalid socket number=-1

After some troubleshooting we came to know that this is something
related to Cerificate "ca.pem".We are not very sure about our very next
step to be taken.

Any help will be appreciated...Please...

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