Ok, so iMan 2.7 say you have the IDM 3.5 snapins installed.

Well the 3.6 ones are so darn tootin cool, really there is no choice but
to upgrade. however, like everyone else there are many iMan servers in
your tree.

So the install of the 3.6 snapins is two fold. One install the NPM
(takes a while, sometimes screws up, oh well). Then there is go to the
RBS collection, Roles, find the IDM snapin ones, and update them from
say version 10.4.datestamp to 10.6.datestamp (Where datestamp is the
date they were released and I forget the values).

So say you still have mixed versions of the plugin on servers all around
the tree, what are the consequences, if you update the RBS?

Can you run mixed mode? (I have not had time to test this, and was
hoping someone (Dennis?) knew the answer).