Hi, owing to a bad setting in the driver filter, groups did not get
migrated from edir tree A to edir tree B when all the users were
migrated. Now that I've fixed the filter, I can create and modify new
groups and memberships and all is fine, for new groups.

But, how do I get all the original groups and their memberships over to
tree B? I've played with the "migrate from idv" in tree A and "migrate
into" in tree B; but I think, I need to be very selective - such as
migrating only the groups from tree A (just to create the group with CN
and Description) and then migrate only the Group Membership attrib on
the user objects (and I'm guessing that IDM takes care of placing the
corresponding Member attribute on the Group object). I am wary of doing
a "migrate from idv" on a high-level container as I am not sure what
data gets over-written in the target tree during such an operation...

Thanks for any advice

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