I am having trouble with the SIF driver. Running on IDM 3.5.1 on
Netware 6.5 SP 7 server.
My SIS is SASIxp. My ZIS and SASIxp agent are from eduStructures.

Each school has a school container structure as follows:

I am only processing students with the SIF driver no staff. Student
placement is by School Only.
Student account creation works fine.

The issue is Student Moves do not work.
A student disable event does move the student account
to a SCHOOL\DISABLED container, but it is the disabled container listed
for the fist zone configured
on the GCV. This occurs regardless of the zone which the account
belongs in.
An enrollment event at a new school does not move the account from the
DISABLED container to the STUDENT container
of the new zone. I cen see in the traces that the account is matched
to an account in the DISABLED container for ZONE1 as expected due to
first problem.
I can also see in the trace where it appears identify the correct
STUDENT container for the new zone, but the move action fails
with a Null Pointer exception. It is as though it fails to place the
two containers into the MoveStudent process, or atleast
fails to add them in the correct order.

Has anyone else noticed this type of a problem? Has anyone fixed this
type of a problem? The xlst style sheets are difficult to follow.

Here is a copy of the trace. The account 9LAAlexander is correctly
matched in container SDOC\SEN\SHS\DISABLED and is to be moved to
Level 3 Trace is attached for the event.

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