I'm trying to use the value of an attribute in the Replace All verb on
another attribute. First I've set a local variable to the value of the
attribute I want to search for, which contains a period. Next I'm trying to
to the Replace All with the variable name but I can't figure out how to
escape it. Here's an example:
The value of Given Name is "M. Frances"
<do-set-local-variable name="givenName-raw" scope="policy">
<token-attr name="Given Name"/>
<token-replace-all regex="$givenName-raw$" replace-with="$givenName-clean$">
<token-replace-all regex="$surname-raw$" replace-with="$surname-clean$">
<token-local-variable name="FullNameVar4"/>

I get this in the trace:
Expanded variable reference '$givenName-raw$' to 'M Frances'

How can this period be escaped?