I have two homePostalAddress (structured) attributes. I want to do
something that would be simple with any other attribute, with a
do-set-dest-attr-value on one using the value from dest-attr of the
other one. But it looks like IDM isn't quite handling the structured
attribute the way I'd like it to, because do-set-dest-attr-value
defaults to "string".

If I try to specify that the do-set-dest-attr-value target is
structured, then I need to provide the strings to fill it in with.
Which, to get those, means that I have to read and parse the dest-attr
(source) structured attribute in to a bunch of local variables or
something, so that I can specify the values in to the destination

Shouldn't this be easier?

What I want to do:

<description>Copy Postal Address</description>
<do-set-dest-attr-value name="LocalAddress">
<token-dest-attr name="homePostalAddress"/>

I know why this doesn't work, but what I want to know is why shouldn't
it work. It'd be a lot easier than the hoops I'm having to jump through
with xpath to get each string value and stick it in the right spot in
the structured attribute.

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